Membership Means... Connecting with Arts Lovers

Membership Means... Connecting with Arts Lovers

October was officially proclaimed Discover Jersey Arts Month by Governor Christie and we’re celebrating! How can you join in on the fun? Become a Jersey Arts Member! Read what other Jersey Arts Members have to say about what membership means to them:


Being a Jersey Arts Member means making new friends and building your network! While my day job is not in the arts, I try to stay as actively engaged as possible in the local, state, national, and global arts scene, and I love supporting the arts in my home state! Through Jersey Arts Membership this is further possible. I recently kicked off two arts event series at Artworks in Trenton, and through the Jersey Arts Member Party at Grounds for Sculpture I made new friends who support the arts in Madison and Newark, NJ. I am hoping these new friends will support the new art series in Trenton, and I plan to go and support their awesome work in Madison and Newark. In fact, I am working now on gathering a group together to go check out the Newark Open House event of their local art galleries! Care to join me?

-Marisa Benson, Premium Jersey Arts Member

My husband and I are newlyweds, but we are constantly on the go; we are like two ships passing in the night. We both have such busy schedules that even though we are told we should still be making time to go on “dates,” it’s hard sometimes. We found a solution! We recently decided to get a Jersey Arts Membership. The events, discounts and opportunities give us that excuse to check out shows and events we might not make a point to see otherwise, and it’s so reasonable that we can’t pass it up.


Our date nights used to consist of just that, a “date night”–a few hours we’d get to spend together seeing a movie and getting a bite to eat because we didn’t have time to plan. However, this past weekend was a refreshing change for us–no pressure and no planning. We were able to have a date day at Grounds for Sculpture thanks to our Jersey Arts Membership. We had a lovely brunch in the Bamboo Garden and a tour around the sculpture grounds; our day culminated with a lecture from an artist (Ming Fay) currently on exhibit there. Without our membership, we wouldn’t have been able to have such a wonderful experience. With our membership, we have the opportunity to have someone else plan our dates and we get to experience a wide variety of the arts and culture that we find so very important.

When was the last time you had time to plan a date day like this? I don’t know about you, but “never” is my response… these types of moments with your spouse should not be reserved for holidays and special occasions only. We had a lovely day and look forward to many more. We also are supporting the arts in New Jersey, a cause near and dear to our hearts.

-Priscilla & Lindsey Smith, Premium Jersey Arts Members

I can honestly say that my Advocate Jersey Arts Membership has taken my passion for the arts to a new level . . . not only in regard to what I do and experience as an arts "spectator" or participant, but also in regard to my understanding of the impact the arts can have on quality of life and educational achievement.

Taking part in Arts Advocacy Day in DC to carry such messages to New Jersey Members of Congress -- or, more accurately, young and enthusiastic members of their staffs -- has been worth the occasional raised eyebrow for two days out of the office.  Having someone's ear and undivided attention in Washington, even if it's for ten minutes, can't help but leave you feeling that you are making a difference.

I attended my first Arts Advocacy Day in 2004.  It was kind of, "Wow!  So this is what advocacy is all about."  Since then, I've made it a point to get to DC for the annual event and to bring what I learned there back to my  city and all my working and volunteer relationships that involve the arts.”

-Vickie Snoy, Advocate Jersey Arts Member

"An Evening with Norbert Leo Butz" at SOPAC

"An Evening with Norbert Leo Butz" at SOPAC

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